About Sanqunetti Design

Hello and welcome to my blog!  I’m Judy Sanqunetti, Owner of Sanqunetti Design. I’ve been a freelance digital illustrator and designer since 2004 and I have been in the design industry since 1999.  I really LOVE working from home and being able to create what I enjoy.

I have an associates degree in Visual Communications in Applied Science.  My illustrations have been sold to National Retailers and used for party goods, stationery, embroidery, apparel design, web design, branding, teaching materials and more.

In the past I have worked with various styles and content, but have really found my niche to be the kids market. I really enjoy creating graphics with fun and playful trendy themes. My colors I use are usually bright and fun. I am always on the lookout for new inspirations and materials to keep my creative mind going.

My family includes a wonderful husband to which I have been married to since 2002, two great boys, an Airedale Terrier, Shih Tzu and a cat. We are a very close family and enjoy the simple times we have together.  My hobbies include reading, doodling in my sketchbook, drinking coffee,  enjoying quiet moments in nature,  snuggling in for a good movie,  Sunday drives with the family and venturing out for a festival or two.




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